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Since 1980, we've been developing shrinkwrap, shareware and custom software. Now we're adding public web applications to the portfolio, starting with:


You've seen mortgage calculators on and off the web. Well, here's another — but it is different. First, it's not just for houses. This web application also knows about  condominiums and co-op apartments and how to handle their special features. Second, it gives an estimate of the after-tax cost, the real cost, of a housing option, so you can make rent-vs.-buy comparisons that actually make sense. EstiCost™ is free to use (and available to license for private labeling on your own website).


Writers of prose fiction, film scripts and stage plays (usually) have to name their characters, and that  can be a pain, especially when one's genre demands names that sound realistic but not terminally bland. What better source of raw material than the U.S. Census? That's what Huzat taps, shuffling 1,219 men's first names,  4,275 women's first names and 88,799 last names to yield a potential 487,861,706 monikers — more than enough for your big novel. Using Huzat is free, of course, and it's available to license for inclusion in sites for writers... It's even good for making up database test data.
More programs will be coming soon.

Development services: custom software for your organization

Got a nagging data problem? Maybe one that's a little too tough for the usual off-the-shelf tools? We can apply an appropriate technology to build an effective custom solution, handling all phases of the development life cycle from original analysis to user documentation — and maintenance. No charge for initial consultation. See what we've done for others on the services page, or email us right now.


We do admit to a fondness for the methods of the new aritificial intelligence, sometimes called "soft AI."  We have had positive results working with fuzzy logic and with genetic algorithms and other evolutionary-computation optimization techniques, including particle-swarm optimization and differential evolution. The soft spot we have for computational intelligence represents a perspective, one of many we can apply, not a blind spot. 


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