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You may want to know exactly how your data is used.

Session data 

When you use one of our web applications, we will retain some of the data you input, but only for the duration of your session. This is so that you can leave an application page but then return to it without have to re-enter all your information. The session ends when you close your browser program (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Lynx, etc.). Our server then forgets all your data.


Managing session data as described above requires that we place a cookie on your computer temporarily; if the session is to function properly, your browser must accept this cookie, either by default or with your explicit permission.  This cookie expires and is removed when you close the browser.

With some of our web applications, you may eventually have the option of keeping a personal database — such as homes and/or financing deals you've looked at with EstiCost™. To keep that data for you between sessions, we use cookies as a way of recording the information on your computer's hard drive, not on our server. To use a database feature, your browser must be set to accept cookies.

Everything else

We do not retain, collect or want any personal information about you.

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