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% Down:   or Amount Down:
Loan Duration, Years Assumes fixed-rate loan, monthly payments, no balloon
Interest Rate per Year, %
Insurance (1), annual Cost items apply to different
home types as indicated
by numbers in parentheses.
Property Tax (1, 2), annual
Common Charges (2), monthly
Maintenance (3), monthly
Deductible Portion (3), %
Income Tax Rate, %
 Investment Interest Rate, %  (interest lost on down payment)
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Monthly loan payment: $0.00

Total Monthly Outlay: $0.00

Estimated After-Tax Cost (first month): $0.00

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Number of periods: 0
Amount financed: $0.00
Interest portion of payment: $0.00
Principal portion of payment: $0.00
Total deductible: $0.00
Deduction: $0.00
Month's lost investment income: $0.00

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