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(for Windows or MS-DOS, except as noted)

SKETCHMODE, Hayden Book Company, 1980
Drawing program with animation facility (for TRS-80)

STARCLASH, Hayden Book Company, 1980
Original strategy game of interstellar warfare (for TRS-80)

STAT utility for the SB-80 operating system, Lifeboat Associates, 1982
Enhanced clone of CP/M STAT utility (for 8080/Z80 systems)

PROSET, Cromwell Graphics Systems Corp., 1983
System of programs for direct typesetting of WordStar document files, plus utilities for decoding other document formats (for both CP/M and MS-DOS systems)

THE ELECTRIC DRAGON, Baen Software (distributed by Simon & Schuster), 1984
Interactive adaptation of the I Ching for PCs; with authorized use of texts from the Wilhelm/Baynes Bollingen Series edition

STARCLASH II, Baen Software, 1984
Original strategy game of interstellar warfare, greatly enhanced version of earlier STARCLASH

FORCE 400, Baen Software, 1986
Original strategy game of quantized force levels on a chess-like board; won Family Computing Critics' Choice Award for Best Games in 1986.

RUN/C, Age of Reason Co. (distributed by Lifeboat Associates), 1985
Japanese-language version published by Lifeboat Inc. (Japan), 1985
A user-friendly true interpreter for the C programming language. RUN/C implements all operators and object types, including floating-point variables, multi-dimensional arrays, structures and unions, and provides a built-in library of more than 100 functions. Its user environment is similar to those of MBASIC, GWBASIC and IBM PC BASIC.

THE EXPERT, shareware, 1986
Operating software for user-specified expert systems, featuring menu-driven operation and straightforward ASCII format for rules.

WHATNEXT, Ideonautics Company, 1992
List-organizing productivity program for decision making, prioritizing, project planning.

SAFELAUNCH, Ideonautics Company, 1997
System for executing trusted programs through web pages with the browser of your choice, building LANtranets and custom desktops.


Baby Blue CPU Plus User's Manual, Xedex Corporation, 1982
Illustrated installation and use guide for first hardware product to allow CP/M-80 software to run on IBM PC's. [This publication probably started the sometimes-lamentable happy-manual trend, but was notable in its time for being simultaneously thorough, clear and readable.]

SHOEBOX User's Manual, Techland Systems Inc., 1983
98-page user guide for complex time- and expense-management software product

Computer articles in Popular Mechanics, 80 Microcomputing, InfoWorld, Computers and Electronics, Lifelines, PC Magazine

Bylined articles as staffer and as full-time contributing editor for Popular Mechanics on home-workshop and home-improvement projects, techniques and new products; crafts; photography; consumer electronics


Novel, No Transfer, The Vanguard Press, 1967

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