Stephen Walton

Software for Intelligence Amplification

President and C[A-Z]O of Ideonautics Corporation, a software developer specializing in practical applications of  soft-computing methods.

Special interests: fuzzy logic, optimizers/satisficers, Stoic philosophy

I am not the Steve Walton who drives Formula 1 racing cars, or the Amiga Kermit expert.

Current Projects

With Ideonautics Corporation, I’m developing fuzzy expert systems in new fields of application, custom and commercial Palm OS applications (details soon).



For details, please see my résumé and list of publications.


The Manual - my own effort to boost the justified popularity of the Enchiridion of Epictetus, as though he needed help


To reach Steve Walton:

steve@ideonautics.com or (914) 699-8206


Continuous Construction

Update: 2/3/4
Photo by Deborah Israel
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